By Chris Thomas, Owner & Senior Physiotherapist

Why I love Pilates

I first experienced Pilates when recovering from a back injury at 18.

My goal was to get back to Cricket, running in and bowling fast all day – hitting 15 times my body weight through my legs, and into my (already) fractured back. Up to 150 times in a day, 5 days a week.

My first attempt at returning ended with me being back on the side lines after a year. I knew then that if I wanted to be pain free, and back to my best, I had to get strong …  seriously strong!

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By Lindsey McKay, PhyxMe On Shoes Fit Expert

“OMG they are so plush and super soft … and so light!”

That has been the resounding response from Cairns runners when they try on the latest shoe release from On Running: Cloudace.

The Ace has been designed for runners who love to run long and hard. And for those wanting support and cushioning without the bulk or restriction of a typical stability shoe.

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AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2018 Ask a Physio, by Megan Thomas

Q: I was involved in a minor car accident two years ago, however I suffered a serious soft tissue injury to my neck. With my injury now stable and my orthopaedic surgeon recommending I get back to exercising, what activity do you recommend I undertake to restore my fitness? Will I need regular physio as well?

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By Megan Thomas, Senior Physiotherapist

Research shows that high impact sport is likely to be associated with urinary incontinence.

However most studies are done on professional athletes only. To determine whether this also held true for non professional athletes, a study of 176 adult netball players was conducted in South Australia with some alarming results.

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