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APRIL – MAY 2018 Opinion column, by Megan Thomas

When you hurt or injure yourself, how do you know which health professional to get help from?

I constantly see posts on social media asking for recommendations.

They usually go something along the lines of “Hi peeps, I’ve hurt my back, who should I see?”

Everyone chimes in with comments providing different responses ranging from physio, chiro, osteo, massage, doctor, spinal specialist, acupuncturist or Emmet therapists, not to mention all sorts of self-help advice. How on earth does this help this poor person make an informed choice?

Don’t get me wrong: word of mouth recommendations are fantastic. I just think the recommendations could be a little more targeted and informed, especially if it comes from someone who has had a successful treatment intervention for a similar problem. Alternatively, rather than rely on social media, you could ask yor GP.

Decisions, decisions

I also believe different things work for different eople, and a good therapist should offer myriad treatment options based on what that person needs. For instance, I’m a physiotherapist and I can offer massage, joint manipulations, needling, trigger point therapy, exercises, taping and referral for scans or doctors if required. Some criteria I recommend using when trying to decide on a health professional for treatment of an injury or ongoing musculoskeletal complaint would be:

  • Are they university qualified?
  • Are they regulated by a governing body?
  • Do they have to continue or maintain a registration and complete regular professional development, such as staying up to date with current research?
  • Can you claim WorkCover, Medicare or private health insurance with their services?
  • Do they have professional indemnity insurance?

The other important thing to remember is that there are stand out therapists in all professions. Even if you have tried that treatment type before, maybe you didn’t find the right therapist fo ryou. Listen to your trusted ‘peeps’ but also consider a visit to us at PhyxMe. Physios are, after all, the number one recommended health professional by Australian GP’s.