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By Chris Thomas, Owner & Senior Physiotherapist

Why I love Pilates

I first experienced Pilates when recovering from a back injury at 18.

My goal was to get back to Cricket, running in and bowling fast all day – hitting 15 times my body weight through my legs, and into my (already) fractured back. Up to 150 times in a day, 5 days a week.

My first attempt at returning ended with me being back on the side lines after a year. I knew then that if I wanted to be pain free, and back to my best, I had to get strong …  seriously strong!

Enter Pilates.

I loved how it challenged me and gave me the strength to get back onto the cricket field.

So, when PhyxMe had the opportunity to add Reformer classes to our Cairns studio schedule, I knew this would be a great way for variety to challenge those ranging from beginners all the way through to experienced.

What makes the Reformer so challenging?

Firstly, you need to use lots of stabilising muscles to balance on a moving platform. Resistance (and movement) is controlled by springs of varying resistance, which you increase or decrease depending on the exercise and whether you are challenging muscle strength or stability.

And as soon as I think I’ve mastered an exercise, our experienced instructors seem to find an new modification or variation to challenge me yet again.

Now I’m using the Reformer to keep myself strong while I balance work, a young (and energetic) family, and a back injury that comes back to me if I slack off on my exercise.

And loving it!

Cairns residents, find out when we offer reformer classes and our special introductory deal for new clients.

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