Video gait analysis is an advanced body movement analysis that provides assistance in assessing and diagnosing complex motion-related pathologies of the foot, ankle, knee, hip, and lower back.

The stages of the human gait cycle and the details of its motion are impossible to examine and review with the naked eye. Through video gait analysis, the cycle can be broken down into tiny segments, frame by frame, allowing podiatrists to carefully assess the foot position, foot and leg function, and overall posture.

PhyxMe Physiotherapy uses this world-class and integrated software in manipulating images obtained to determine kinematic angulations of the leg, ankle, and foot. Our friendly team will explain to you what we’re exactly seeing on video and how that may contribute to any pain or body problem you’re experiencing. To further help you with rehabilitation following an injury or surgery, we have all videos and still-frame images saved on our multimedia server for reference and review in the future.