Ergonomic Assessments

We can review and assess your physical work environment to reduce the risk of injury and maximise productivity. These assessments can also support an injured worker returning to work to minimise discomfort during recovery and to prevent any aggravation of the injury.

Our physiotherapists visit your workplace to conduct the assessment and provide any recommended changes to your setup and work practices. They will assess your posture, physical and muscular work demands, equipment and workplace design and review environmental factors (lighting, noise and temperature).

Pre Employment Assessments

Starting a new job sometimes requires you to undergo physical screening as part of the pre employment process. From our centrally located clinic in Cairns, PhyxMe physiotherapists can complete assessments provided by potential employers and can also tailor individual criteria to meet your needs.

Manual Handling Training

Our manual handling training provides employees with the skills to safely undertake manual handling tasks and reduce the risk of injury in the workplace. Our experienced physiotherapists work with employers to develop a program specifically for their workplace, delivered to either individuals or groups.

Corporate Massage and Wellness

Reward and energise your employees with an on-site massage provided by experienced remedial massage therapists. Our therapists attend your workplace and can offer chair massage (neck/back/shoulders) or full remedial massage if a suitable room is available.

A great way to show your employees you really appreciate the work they do.