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Running is one of the simplest, easiest forms of exercise and is a sport in its own right. But running is not risk free. Injury incidence in runners is high with > 70% of runners experiencing some type of injury in their running lifetime.

A running assessment in PhyxMe’s Cairns clinic is ideal for

  • people who experience pain during or after running
  • runners with long standing injuries limiting performance
  • triathletes wanting to improve their run leg
  • those new to running who want to learn correct technique
  • runners who can’t break that time/distance/event barrier
  • runners looking for guidance in a running program
  • runners who keep getting injured

Our comprehensive running assessment involves a thorough physical assessment, analysis of running style before and after changes, individualised running guide, strength/stretch program, ongoing review and support.

What you will learn from a running assessment

  • what is great about your running style
  • what may lead to potential injury
  • possible causes of pain and how to stop it
  • factors limiting speed and performance


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