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Grace Rosenfeldt

Illustrator, textile & graphic designer

How and why did you start clinical classes at Q Pilates

I have long-term low back pain and tightness, but love working out and challenging myself. In the past I have enjoyed Pilates but had to give up regular group classes because of my back issue. My new Q Pilates program not only incorporates Pilates principles but it also addresses other areas needing strengthening (not just my lower back).

How long have you been doing clinical classes

For about three months, starting with once a week and progressing to two classes each week. I have had a couple of remedial massages in conjunction with the classes, which I have found useful.

What’s involved in a session

My sessions have evolved during the three months. I do a mixture of exercises ranging from arm, shoulder and back work, to lower back, glut and hamstrings. I have also been working improving rotational movement around my obliques, hips and shoulders.

How do clinical classes differ from other types of exercise

Clinical classes are specific to my weaknesses and areas that I personally need to work on. With Megan’s guidance I am also able to make certain exercises more or less challenging depending on my progress, or how I’m feeling on the day.

What changes have you seen

The main changes have been improved shoulder and leg strength. I generally feel more balanced and have better posture overall. I’ve also enjoyed feeling sore the next day (or 3!) after a class in areas that I haven’t felt sore in a while.

What’s best is that I don’t have a super sore back after a workout – previously this was the only soreness I felt.

While I am still working on the back issue, I do feel like I have strengthened the area a lot since starting and I am sure I will continue to improve. It’s also been good to get more of an understanding of how my body works – not just how it should work so as to better see how I can improve my workouts into the future and affecting lifestyle factors I can change.

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