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Tropic Magazine Issue 16


Opinion column, by Megan Thomas

“First one in the shower wins!” I call out to my two children in order to achieve the first step in the evening routine as quickly as possible.

They race off, pushing and shoving their way past each other to the bathroom. Neither of them ask “wins what?” – all that seems to matter is one of them will be first, and to my relief, that’s enough to drive the evening shower motivation.

So, what is it about a challenge that we love so much?

‘Nothing,’ I hear some of you say. I beg to differ. I think there is an in-built competitive drive in all of us, just some (like me) are more wired than others.

The aspect of challenge is what makes us successful, no matter how small the success is (from passing a test, getting a date, being fit, or even beating your sibling to the bathroom).

Test yourself

Do you challenge those around you? If not, why not?
Do you need to re-invigorate that childhood determination to ‘just win’?
Do you challenge your family to be better?
Do you challenge ideas? And the minds of other people?

Competition has driven me all my life to succeed, an attitude which as brought success, respect, growth and excitement. Why don’t you bring out that competitive drive and see where it leads? … I challenge you!