Will is a Brazilian-born physiotherapist with a passion for rehabilitation, inspired by his dad’s experiences as a professional soccer player, where injuries were all too common. Watching his physiotherapist work wonders sparked his interest in the world of rehabilitation. He attended one of the best universities in Brazil, earning his Physiotherapy degree in 2010. Eager to specialise, he pursued a Postgraduate diploma in Neuro-rehabilitation in 2011, and the following year, he completed a full Pilates instructor diploma.

In 2014, Will ventured to Australia, embarking on an exciting new chapter. He had the chance to work with incredible people, including professional surfers and Jiu-Jitsu fighters, as well as in nursing homes, providing care to diverse communities.

Fast forward to 2019, Will made his way to Cairns, where he embraced the role of a trainer and assessor for a Diploma in remedial massage therapy—always striving to share knowledge and empower others.

His true calling lies in Evidence Based Practice within musculoskeletal rehabilitation, especially focusing on spine and hip conditions. When he’s not working, you can find him at the gym, riding the waves on a surfboard, kicking a soccer ball with friends, or strumming some tunes on his guitar.

He is fluent in English and Portuguese.