Asako graduated from Demi International Academy in Cairns with a Diploma of Remedial Massage and loves helping people with muscle or nerve pains, after injuries, post surgeries, headaches, stress & anxiety.

Asako started massage when she was kid for her grandmother as she always complained about her pain for her legs. To help her release the pain was a great joy for Asako & she even got some coins from her sometimes. Now helping even more people with this job is really amazing feeling!

“My clients are like my friends & family ad I feel so happy to work as a massage therapist. Now I want to learn more deeper about Lymphatic drainage & enroll in another course. It’s so fascinating! I Hope I can help more people with Lymphedema.

Outside of work, I love going to the day trip with my family& friends; Tablelands, lake, beaches are my favourite place to reset my mind with nature, relax, get great energy every week.

I Also, love getting massage every month! Maintain my body every month, then I can help to maintain other people.”