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Author: Leah Horstmann, Fitness Studio Coordinator

Join experienced instructor Michelle Castelani for our Beginners Pilates Course and you will develop the knowledge, experience and confidence to participate in regular timetable Pilates classes at PhyxMe Fitness Studio.

Run several times a year in Cairns, the course has been designed for beginners to learn about Pilates in a comfortable setting, and to give those with limited Pilates experience an opportunity to revise the foundations and achieve better technique during class.

Over the four weeks, our beginners cover the basics of Matwork Pilates

WEEK 1  Breathing, pelvic floor and transverse abdominus activation (core)
WEEK 2  Lower back, hips and knees
WEEK 3 Upper back, shoulders and neck
WEEK 4  Muscle release using trigger point balls and foam rollers

You will also be introduced to the small props used during Matwork classes including Pilates circle, resistance bands, Swiss ball, chi ball and foam rollers.

Included in the enrolment fee
– 4 x 90 minute workshops (all equipment supplied)
– “find your core” consult with Physio Lauren Sambell in weeks 1 and 2 using real-time ulstrasound – watch the video below
– unlimited Beginners Pilates timetable classes during course


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What is Pilates

Created by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900s, Pilates is a method or exercise system that focuses on the development of core control, stability and the creation of dynamic, functional body movement.

What is Matwork or Floor Pilates

This is probably the most common style of Pilates as it requires little (or no) equipment. Classes are undertaken on a mat and utilise a variety of small props and the resistance of gravity and body weight to work your body.

What are the benefits of Pilates

The development of core control, correct joint alignment, flexibility, postural strength, form and endurance as well as coordination. Pilates is also used extensively in the rehabilitation of injuries.

Joseph Pilates

The creator of the Pilates method.
Left image: age 57
Right image: age 82

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