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Heel pain is not uncommon

By Megan Thomas, Director & Senior Physiotherapist

One of the most common complaints we get at PhyxMe is heel pain, particularly the type of heel pain that is at its worst first thing in the morning when people hop out of bed.

So what is the likely cause of my heel pain?

Your plantar fascia. This is a band of connective tissue that extends from the heel bone towards the toes, supporting the arch of the foot and acting as a shock absorber.

How common is this type of heel pain?

Over 15,000 people in Cairns alone are likely to have sore feet from the fascia developing micro-tears and becoming inflamed.

Most common causes include

Repetitive impact activity
Overweight or pregnant
Weak foot or ankle muscles
Collapsing feet or high arches
Too much standing
Wearing shoes with poor support or not wearing shoes at all

How can physio help?

PhyxMe’s musculoskeletal physiotherapists can help with

Accurate diagnosis
Identifying factors causing the pain
Prescribing strength exercises for the calf and intrinsic muscles of the foot
Footwear advice
Shockwave therapy (up to 80% reduction in symptoms)
Taping and arch support compression socks
Soft tissue release of your plantar fascia

Read more about Shockwave Therapy or book an appointment to have your heel pain correctly assessed, diagnosed and treated.